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Priyanka Chopra Can’t Keep Cool!

Priyanka Chopra will be seen on the famous show ‘Hot Ones’. She will be the first guest to come on this seasons premier episode. On Thursday, the show's official Instagram handle shared a promo from the upcoming season premiere, which will have Priyanka as the first guest. On the show, guests are made to eat chicken wings splashed with sauces that get increasing hotter and spicier with every round. As the guest start breaking into sweat and tears, the host, Sean asks them question about their life and careers. In the promo,Sean Evans is seen welcoming Priyanka on the show but she is still a little nervous about it. "So terrifying to be here again," she says in the video. She had previously taken up the challenge in 2019 on Jimmy Fallon's show. Priyanka was asked questions like what were here expectations from America before she arrived in the country and what she thinks about the OTT boom in the entertainment world. While Priyanka calmly answered the questions at first, things took a turn when the hot sauce kicked in. She started to sweat and breathe heavily, unable to control the fire that was raging in her mouth.

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