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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Teaching The Right Lesson To The Ones Who Deserves It!

Priyanka Chopra joined veteran actor Kabir Bedi over a video call to launch his upcoming memoir, Stories I Must Tell. During the conversation, they spoke about how tough it was for them to make headways into Hollywood. "In those days, a Ben Kingsley had to change his name from Krishna Bhanji to Ben Kingsley to be taken seriously and get roles. Today, Priyanka Chopra does not have to change her name for her success in America,” said Kabir Bedi. Priyanka interjected, "But let me tell you. This is a couple of decades later when I decided to go and seek work in America. I didn't have to change my name but I did have to teach people how to say my name. Everybody would be like Priyanka 'Shapra-Shapra'. I said it is not Shapra. If you can say Oprah, you can say Chopra. It's not that difficult.”

In another incident Priyanka Chopra came in support of her ‘The White Tiger’ director Ramin Bahrani who recently faced a racist comments on the streets of US. Ramin said the man told him to 'go back to his country'. The filmmaker was born and brought up in North Carolina. PCJ, who was also an executive producer of the film ‘The White Tiger’, said, "Asking me about my thoughts on what happened to Ramin is a sign of where we stand today, and the work we have to continue to do. So my question in response is - who belongs here, and who doesn't? Isn't America a melting pot of all people from all backgrounds? This country was built on the back of immigrants in search of the American dream, a life of freedom, opportunity, and a safe place not only for themselves but for their families."


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