Product empty review- Plum green tea toner


Price- Rs390 for 200 ml.

Packaging- white plastic bottle with a press type cap.


1) Effective for acne and acne marks

2) Gentle exfoliation by glycolic acid

3) Shrinks and tightens pores.

How To Use-

Take a few drops on cotton pad/ball and gently wipe around face or take a few drops on your palms and pat it on to your face. This is a toner so u have to use it after cleanser.


1) Affordable toner

2) Alcohol free

3) Contains green tea extracts which is great for soothing skin

4) It is great for beginners with glycolic acid

5) Vegan


1)Highly overpowering fragrance

2) The Glycolic acid is much less than 1% so don't except the benefits of Glycolic acid from this, this formula is very very mild

3) This one might not suit sensitive skin

4) Doesn't do anything to acne marks

My Experience-

This is my first toner I ever used. I personally love toners and I cannot skip them in my rotinue. This one is a mild budget friendly toner and is good for beginners. I generally don't mind fragrance but the fragrance in this sometimes irritates me too. I have not seen any changes in my acne or acne marks with this. But my pores did feel a bit better with this. I use it twice a day after cleansing and this did not break me out. Overall it's a ok toner especially for beginners only if you are ok with fragrance and don't belong to sensitive skin.

Will I repurchase this: Maybe, but I prefer Dermafique toner over this as it has about 3% Glycolic acid and is less fragranced than this.

Will I recommend this- yes only if u are looking for affordable options and are not sensitive skin.