Product Review - The Man Company Charcoal Face Wash with Ylang- Ylang and Argan Oil

-INR 349

-Main ingredients include Argan Oil, Ylang- Ylang Oil & Activated Charcoal


This Charcoal Face Wash is an affordable face wash for people with oily skin type that deep cleanses the face thoroughly and brightens the skin texture. It contains added fragrance which isn’t very overpowering . It has a gel based texture and is very gentle on the skin despite having activated charcoal as one of it’s main ingredients.



•Good for oily/ combination or acne prone skin type •Affordable

•Contains Argan and Ylang Ylang oil which have anti bacterial and anti - inflammatory properties.

•Deep cleanses the pores



•Will not suit dry skin type and can be stripping for combination-dry skin type people also

•Fragrance may not be liked by all

•Contains Ylang- Ylang oil which might irritate the skin of sensitive skin type people.


Overall, it is a good and affordable option for people who have oily/ acne prone skin for its deep cleansing properties.


Rating - 4/5