PSY sings all his hit tracks from 2001 to 2022 in Dingo Killing Verse

Dingo Freestyle is a Hip Hop YouTube channel of popular South Korean company Dingo Music. The channel has 1.86 million subscribers and is popular among Korean Hip Hop artists and listeners.

DF has released many songs by popular Hip Hop artists like Sik-K, GroovyRoom, Giriboy, Swings, Han Yo Han, Paloato and many more. Some of the popular hit tracks released by DF in collaboration with Hip Hip Labels are Iffy by Higher Music, Flex by Indigo Music, Hi-Lite Sign by Hi-Lite Records and Beer by Ambition Music.

Dingo Freestyle has invited almost all the famous artists from not just the Hip Hop labels but also K-Pop and K-R&B labels for Dingo Killing Verse. In Dingo Killing Verse artists perform a few seconds or one minute of their most hit tracks.

PSY is their latest guest and he just sang his hits from 2001 till 2022. He starts with "Sae" 2001 and ends with "That That" 2022.

Check the video below.