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Questionable Parenting Choices in Bridgeton

Netflix’s current hit, Bridgerton, has taken over the viewer’s heart. Fans are hoping for a second season. But did you know Bridgerton is much more than a love story? It is also a story about established families caring for each other. There were a number of things that were done for the sake of the family. Here are some of the most questionable parenting choices in Bridgeton!

1. Lord Featherington Gambling His Family's Life Away

As the mother of three daughters, Lady Featherington worried about her daughters having no suitors. To add to her worries she learned that her husband had a serious gambling problem and had gambled away their family’s fortune including their daughters' dowries. He bargained with his family due to his addiction to gambling.

2. Lord Berbrooke Abandoning His Child & Lover

After digging into Lord Berbrooke’s past, Lady Bridgeton came to know a hard truth about him. He got one of his maid’s pregnant and abandoned her and the child. He wasn’t even helping the mother financially and tried to keep this a secret. As he failed in doing so he fled London immediately.

3. Marrying Marina Off To an Older Man

The Featheringtons did everything they could to marry off Marina so that she was cared for. However, the way they did that was awful. Lady Featherington attempted to marry Marina to an older man. They wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible. The sight of her possible future husband was terrifying.

4. The Duke's Father shouldn't have had Children

Not only did Simon’s mother die during childbirth but even his own father disowned him for having a speech impediment. He even wanted Simon dead and he was embarrassed by him. The pain caused by his father scarred Simon for life.


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