A Quick Hack To Revive An Old, Dried Lip Liner

One of the worst things that happen with a makeup lover is to look at dried-out lip liners and eye pencils. They are very hard to use our favorite product again because they don’t just deliver a patchy application but also pull and tug at your skin.


Throwing away your favorite eye and lip pencil just because it has dried is not an option but you can reuse it again. Here is a hack for your dried-up lip and eye pencils so they are as good as new to use. This hack is very simple and requires very little effort and time.


You will need:

Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly

A dried eye pencil or an lip liner


A cosmetic sharpener   


How To:

Use the sharpener to sharpen the topmost layer of the dried eye pencil or lip liner. Remember you have to not take out the layer away, just make one twist. Then, rub the tip of the pencil vigorously between your palms to help to warm the product. Instead, you can also warm the tip of the pencil over the flam of the candle just for a few seconds. Lastly, take a little amount of Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and then apply it using a brush at the tip of the pencil. Set that pencil aside so that it soaks up all the Vaseline and leave it hydrated and ready to use. 


Important Tip:

This process is only for the makeup pencils that are dried up due to some reason and are still within the expiry date. If makeup pencils are expired, please throw them away and do not try this hack it can cause problems.