Rahul Vaidya’s PR Stunts Exposed!!

Rahul Vaidya’s over enthusiastic PR Team gets exposed by Jasmine Bhasin! Well clippings of the Live footage from Voot have surfaced today and Jasmine's shocking revelation has made the sudden trending #RahulVaidya on twitter crystal clear. Apparently his PR company has been spending a whopping amount of 5Lakhs per week simply to give the singer a better image in the industry. Jasmin Bhasin said “You are paying a lot of money, according to what you are doing. I am not sure but I have heard that you are spending 5 lakh rupees a week.” To which Rahul agreed by saying that “Yes I am spending”. The weekend episodes not hosted by Salman Khan had left Rahul Vaidya’s image into shackles, after being called a chauvinist and arrogant man. Well since a couple of weeks the singer is being portrayed in a new light and his PR Team has left no leaf unturned. Was the proposal also a pre-planned PR Stunt??