Raid 2, the sequel to Ajay Devgn's film, would be based on the true story of perfume merchant Piyush Jain?

Piyush Jain, a Kanpur-based perfume seller, has recently been in the news for what is believed to be the country's largest raid. Piyush Jain's assets were confiscated, and the raid, which lasted many days and nights and was one of the country's largest, resulted in the recovery of Rs 195 crores in notes, as well as a substantial amount of gold and other valuables stashed across his residences. It has also sparked a lot of debate in the state, with political parties getting involved and playing the blame game, with many pointing to the example as a country-wide failure of demonetization.


However, as disputes about the tragedy continue to rage in India, filmmaker Kumar Mangat Pathak has used the opportunity to announce the sequel to the 2018 film Raid, which is apparently based on the incident. During a panel discussion at the Kashi Film Festival in Varanasi, the film's director confirmed the future sequel. He went on to say that the film will depict some of the events from the real raid, including money pouring out of walls, the discovery of up to 25 kilogrammes of gold and 250 kilogrammes of silver, and other intriguing features.


Raid, the original narrative, was also inspired by a true storey. The film's plot was inspired by the Sardar Inder Singh raid, which took place in the 1980s and saw Income Tax agents execute a surprise search of his properties and assets, recovering large amounts of money that had been hidden. Sardar Inder Singh's episode was remarkable in that it was the longest raid in Indian history, lasting three days and two nights. The film starred Ajay Devgn, Ileana Dcruz, Saurabh Shukla, Amit Sial, Gayathri Iyer, and a slew of other industry stars, and it was a box office hit.