Rain and Chungha collab on his new single “WHY DON'T WE'”

Rain decided to post the third teaser image of 'WHY DON'T WE' on the 24th of February, the title song of the 'PIECES by RAIN' mini-album with Chungha. Two images of Rain and Chungha looking at the camera fiercely in the car are both in the published teaser image. With flamboyant appearance, the two-draw attention whilst also leaning on a chair. The illusion of strobing lights veiled around separate areas, in general, generates a much more trippy aura for the two people, fueling speculation for the upcoming song. In mixing Progressive House and R&B Topline, 'Why Don't We' is indeed a track that highlights the concept of 2021 music. It'll be released at 6pm on March 3.