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Rajkumar Rao, The Brightest New Age Star?

Rajkumar Rao is one of the most talented and entertaining actors of this generation. And not many can argue that. We have all witnessed his marvel in movies like Shahid, Ludo and Bareilly Ki Barfi. And now with his upcoming movie 'Roohi' to get a theatrical release on 11 March 2021, would it be safe to say that, Rajkumar Rao is the Brightest New Age Star? Let's find out:

A Strong Performer

Be it the next door guy with issues or the opinionated rational man dealing with matters of serious concern, Rao just has a way to make everything he does on screen look so relatable and convincing at the same time. Being a graduate from FTII, it is his understanding as an actor that not only makes him a fan favourite but also a valuable investment as far as the filmmakers are concerned.

His Upcoming Releases

With The White Tiger already making it to the trending list on Netflix, Rao has multiple releases mounting this year with names like Roohi, Swagat Hai, Badhai Do and Second Innings which only shows the kind of social media buzz this star is and will be making in 2021.

To sum it all up, Rajkumar Rao is not only one of the most hard working actors but one with a lot going for him right now. We just hope this multitalented star keeps shining brighter in the coming years.


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