Is Ranbir Kapoor Going Bald? Our Worst Nightmare Coming True?

Hair has been a perennial worry for many heroes in the industry. And when most of the work you are going to get is going to be on the basis of how you look and present yourself in front of the masses, it becomes all the more vital to be taking care of your appearances.

The same reason why many Bollywood celebs have gone to far extents to get the so called perfectly flawless look. And it seems like Ranbir Kapoor is no exception to it. If you look at it, this is in fact no secret that The Kapoors have a history of receding hairline. This picture of Ranbir Kapoor for instance shows both a receding hairline and signs of a probable hair transplant. The photo angle and the lights shining straight on revealed a made up blackish hairline which definitely is not natural.

And so it seems like Katrina is not the only thing Salman and Ranbir have in common. However the difference being Bhai has never shied away from accepting his hair loss problems, Ranbir on the other hand, it seems, still likes it to keep it a secret.