Is Ranbir Kapoor's "Brahmastra" a flop movie?

There is a great possibility that it cannot recover the budget as they are still shooting and reshooting, which is obviously increasing the budget. If we see at the graph of Ranbir's career then he is obviously not a bankable actor for movies with a 150–200cr budget. Sanju was 300+cr but it's a Raju Hirani movie that made 4 blockbusters before it. Also, people were really kin to Sanjay Dutt's life, so it will be really unfair to say Ranbir made it a blockbuster.

Even though Alia is in the movie, the weight of the movie will be on Ranbir's shoulder. At this point, with such a budget it might end up having the same fate as the Thugs of Hindostan. I hope Ayan Mukharji's Script is great and the Vfx is up to the mark, then there is a possibility that the movie will be a hit.

However, with Brahmastra I still keep that hope alive, because I believe that there might be a surprise package in the movie. With so many characters and a powerful trailer, as an audience let's keep the fire burning.