Is Rangoli Chandel’s Taking Cheap Digs At Taapsee Pannu Just Another One Of Kangana’s PR Stunt?

Rangoli Chandel had recently come into the limelight after she had taken a dig at Taapsee calling her a 'sasti copy' of Kangana. Taapsee has chosen not to pay heed to the mindless criticism. And yet again, Rangoli has called Taapsee a 'creepy fan' of Kangana saying that she has no talent of her own.

Rangoli then took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of Taapsee's vacation picture from St Petersburg, Russia wherein she is seen wearing a sari and sunglasses, saying "But but, to desperately research everything about Kangana as you have no talent of your own, like an obsessed creepy fan and copy not just her quotes, looks, style then to claim to have made sari cool, matlab kuch zayada ho gaya na, or fir kehti ho mujhe sasti copy bola (isn’t that a bit too much? And then you protest about being called a cheap imitation) @taapsee.” Well it looks like this tuff isn’t gonna end well for either of them, what are your views on it?