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Rani is a gut-wrenching short that shouldn't be missed at any cost.

In one scene the girl asks her lover 'Do you love my body or me'. She had a clear idea of what his intentions were and still gets confused by his sweet flattery that instantly weakens her. She was reduced into mere flesh and bones in front of him. Rani, the third segment in Aanum Pennum directed by Aashiq Abu throws light on a comic yet dark tale of reality. The term 'Love' most times gets reduced into mere lust and here the protagonist's sole aim was to get physical with his partner. He literally begs her, manipulates her and even starts weeping like a child to get her positive nod. They go to a forest- like area to have fun. While the lady asks why he can't make love in public, he demands privacy. But privacy in terms of the protagonist is just about protecting his good boy image. Rani clearly shows how wickedly love manipulates couples,love isn't just getting physical but in reality most people not give a damn about emotional connection nor the partner's consent. The episode turns more creepy with the arrival of another old couple played by Nedumudi Venu & Kaviyoor Ponnamma. They turn the story into a horrifying angle and send chills down your spine. Apart from the topic discussed, the audacious effort by Unni.R in presenting such a bold tale is truly commendable. Darshana Rajendran and Roshan Mathews fit perfectly into the plot and make a memorable performance. Watching Rani might make some of you uncomfortable but this gut-wrenching experience shouldn't be missed at any cost.


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