Is Ranlia planning to go through the VicKat way?

If you remember Vicky and Katrina had kept their wedding really private. The couple did not disclose anything about their wedding. As the day came closer for the wedding, new revelations were coming out about the wedding. The couple's respective family members were denying and some were accepting the wedding rumors. The same pattern is being followed for Ranlia's wedding. Few days ago Randhir Kapoor was heard denying the rumors and then just yesterday Neetu Kapoor was also seen denying the rumor. But from the Bhatt's side everyday, one new member is opening about the wedding.

Other than this just like how the venue for VicKat wedding was disclosed, the same pattern is followed in Ranlia's wedding. The fans are wondering why isn't the Kapoor familly or even the couple talking about this? Alia is seen being quite vocal about her relationship status in the media yet about these wedding rumors the couple is quite.

If reports are to be believed the couple will make a entry in front of the media only as Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor.