Is Ranveer Singh’s Funky Colour-Coding Just Another Fast-Track Ticket To Stardom?

We all know that Ranveer Singh aka the Bollywood style king, is known for his bold and eccentric choices in fashion. His out-of-the-box funky yet eye-catching looks are a treat for the media and his fans all around the country. Delivering us some exciting style statements, the superstar is now considered as a fashion god.

Much as his critics criticised his dressing sense in the beginning, thinking he was just another joke in Bollywood. Today, he has all his detractors eating their words. Initially, not only the media but even other actors were amused by his fashion antics, each time he showed up at an event, but Ranveer with his 'I don't care attitude' twisted the tables completely, and before you knew it, people were calling him the game-changer of fashion. Was this typical Bandra boy always this whacky? No. So what led upto this transformation? Is it just another adaptation of a publicity stunt to grab the headlines? What do you think?