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Ranveer Singh's Old Interview with Simi Garewal!

Oh my, how times have changed! Just look at how different Ranveer Singh looks in this interview. He was so young and fresh into Bollywood. He was so well trained by his PR team, unlike how free he gets now during his interviews and on set. Kudos to Ranveer for opening up about the casting couch situation in the industry, he talks about it at 4:30. He brought up this "taboo" way before the Me Too movement. He has been through a lot to get where he is now, so mad respect to him to reach the top. He was dating Anushka Sharma during this time and they both talk about reading the book titled- The Secret. Young Ranveer was too cute and you can tell that he is actually such a sensitive person. Give me your thoughts on this interview, I really liked a young Ranveer Singh, and he has grown up and become such a successful actor.

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