Ranveer Vs Ranbir - who will rule this decade?

The Khan's era is almost over and Bollywood is looking for its next superstar. Ranveer and Ranbir both have many similarities apart from the slight change in their names. The Ranbir Vs Ranveer comparison has gathered a lot of steam since the last year. Both of given some amazing performances and are good at whatever they do.

Ranbir was easily the most anticipated launch Bollywood has seen. He was born into the Bollywood royalty and legit got everything on a silver platter. He made a debut with Sawariya which didn't work really well for him but he was already in talks with Yashraj for their next project. Ranbir has emerged as a very good actor and made his name here. He has some amazing projects like Brahmastra coming up!

Ranveer, on the other hand, was literally this guy who came from nowhere. He just has an American degree in creative writing and some acting classes. He auditioned for many roles and finally got his first break at Yashraj. He got his second film a year after his first. Ranveer has proven that he has worked really hard to reach where he is today and is considered Bollywood's finest actor. He has Kapil Dev's biography '83' coming up.

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