Rashmi Rocket Trailer: Here's how Taapsee Pannu being called 'manly' just validated her work in the film

Not very long ago, Taapsee Pannu was mocked on the internet for looking like a "man" in a picture from the film. And on Thursday, as the trailer of her upcoming film "Rashmi Rocket" went viral, Taapsee responded strongly by saying that these kind of perceptions is what she intended to address through the film and it kind of validated her work.


In the movie Taapsee plays the role of a sprinter and is seen questioning the patriarchal notions about what's feminine and what's not after she faces discrimination for not being conventionally feminine. Responding to her being labelled as masculine, Taapsee slammed the trolls saying, "Who defines what's feminine and what is not? Is it just about your muscular build that you will be judged on who is a female and who is not? Do you realize that there are some hormonal imbalances that are there in certain females by default, it is not their choice?"


So there's it, just one more reason to love and admire Taapsee Paanu. Meanwhile "Rashmi Rocket" is set to be released on ZEE5 on October 15. Comments?