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Ray Review: Four stories, four experiences

Ray Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. The four stories are out and running. I just started watching and have finished two of Srijit Mukherji's pieces, and I am in awe of the stories. It is Satyajit Ray who could have written these masterpieces.


Forget Me Not

We all know 'Forget Me Not' as a flower, but how beautifully and metaphorically the director has shown the story deserves a watch. A corporate shark Ipsit Rama Nair (Ali Fazal), who never forgets anything starts skipping things after meeting with a stranger at a bar. She introduces herself as Rhea Saran (Anindita Bose) and tells stories about romantically they had spent a few days in Aurangabad and Ajanta Caves. Ipsit fails to place her, and gradually things slide away. Ipsit who has a brain like a computer is forgetting everything. But is he really forgetting or there's something more to it?


Ali Fazal has given an outstanding performance but I have to mention Shweta Basu Prasad as well because she plays a major part in this whole plot. Won't give you the spoilers because this episode deserves everyone's time. But, yes you may feel the pace of the story a bit slow in the beginning.



Many characters, many identities. Indrashish Shah (Kay Kay Menon) is a very polite person, works at a computer firm but wants to be a makeup man. His grandmother was an exceptional makeup artist in prosthetics, artistic and all. She dies of cancer but leaves her makeup book and 75 lakh rupees to her grandson. After getting them, Indrashish starts experimenting with different looks on him and thinks of himself as God.


This story has many twists and turns which I will not reveal because of the way it has been shot and every actor gave their performance, it deserves appreciation. Director Srijit has done a marvellous job and Kay Kay Menon has stopped my heartbeat for a second with his powerful performance. This episode has a lot of Kolkata's picturesque views.


Both of the stories are a psycho-thriller genre. And, it is a treat to watch these actors perform.


Hungama Kyon Hai Barpa

Manoj Bajpayee as Musafir Ali and Gajraj Rao as Mr. Baig have given amazing performances. It's a story about a ghazal singer who used to have kleptomaniac tendencies encounters with the same companion on a train journey after 10 years. A wave of memory rushes through Musafir Ali's veins, immediately he remembers the fellow travel partner and the incident. 10 years ago Musafir steals Khusbhakt (a beautiful golden watch) and keeps it with himself. How he finds out, how his life has been built is shown marvelously in this episode by Abhishek Chaubey.


This dark comedy is absolutely my favourite by far.



Harshvarrdhan Kapoor plays a hero's role, Vikram Arora who has this one look that is admired by the whole nation. He acts as a superstar's character who is insecure about his career and feels scared of failures. Vasan Bala's directorial flick has a different look and feel. There's a mysterious religious 'Didi' with whom he meets in a course of his journey and things began to happen differently. Watch this and you will know.


What do you think of it?


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