Raya and The Last Dragon Review: A sweet but brave fairytale

Yesterday, I watched Raya and The Last Dragon and it is worth a watch. Every Disney princess story has something to teach you like Frozen teaches you to love yourself first no matter who you are. Just like that Raya and The Last Dragon teaches you to take the first step and trust somebody.


Well, the story begins when long, long ago there was a beautiful place called Kumandra where people used to live along with dragons. But soon enough a mindless plague emerged who started taking lives from people turning them into stones. At this point, Dragons formed a gemstone with their powers, and Sisu the youngest dragon stopped the plague with it. She brought back human life but couldn't return her brothers and sisters. After this, everybody turned against everybody to get the gemstone and the beautiful Kumandra got divided into 5 parts, and Hart got the responsibility to take care of the gemstone.


After many years, when it was time for Raya to be the responsible one, things get out of hand, as the stone breaks and the plague Drunn comes back destroying Hart and taking Raya's father's life.


Will Raya be able to bring back her father and find the other gem pieces from other parts of the place? Will she ever find the last dragon who is sleeping for the past 500 years? What will happen next? Recommending to watch on Disney+ Hotstar.