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The reason Twice's Jeongyeon had to change her name

You may know her as Twice's lead vocalist Jeongyeon but this isn't her birth name. And the reason she had to legally change her name is pretty sad.

Jeongyeon first told the story back in 2016 during a VLive broadcast. When Jeongyeon was named Yoo Kyung Wan by her parents. Based on the Hanja characters the meaning of Kyung Wan roughly translates to “delicate and talented" The reason she had to give up such a beautiful name was-bullying. Jeongyeon explained that she used the name Kyung Wan until she was nine years old. The thing is that Jeongyeon is a unisex name and is commonly used by males. Jeongyeon revealed that even her own friends teased her, telling her Kyung Wan sounded like a boy’s name. Eventually, the stress of all the bullying became too much for her and she decided to change her name to Jeongyeon which translates to "pretty one".


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