The reason why NCT/SuperM/WayV ‘s Lucas is being excluded from all group activities

WayV’s Lucas is a Chinese member of the group who is also included in the NCT and SuperM lineup. He is a member of both the groups and consistently is always doing something for either of the groups. This puts him constantly in the media as he is promoting either WayV or NCT songs. Lucas is one of the most popular members of both groups with thousands of fans in China, South Korea, Thailand, Hongkong and the rest of the world. Recently, he is embroiled in the worst scandal that any Kpop star could have in their career.

Lucas is accused by his former girlfriends/fans of taking advantage of their affection and love towards him to manipulate and exploit them romantically and financially. On August 23, a South Korean citizen came forward with claims that Lucas took advantage of her affections towards him as a fan and exploited her for luxurious gifts. According to her, he would book luxury suites and order room service and make her pay for it and he allegedly told her that he was making enough money and didn’t need gifts unless it was a house or a car.

After this accusation, two more women, Chinese citizens came forward claiming that Lucas was dating all three of them simultaneously and was cheating all of them not only in their relationships but also out of their money. Both SM Entertainment and Lucas has apologized for Lucas’s behaviour in the past and he is taking time out of his promotions to reflect on his past actions.