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Reasons K-Dramas are so addictive

“Asian dramas are really what people are looking for right now."These are the words of Drama Fever director of video operations Jacqueline Sia. Korean dramas have now become even more popular as more audiences outside Asia are getting caught in the new-global Korean wave. With the increased reach of the internet, Korean dramas have also found a way to reach a bigger global audience making them popular worldwide. Many international fans are so addicted that they become impatient for the new episode to be released and subtitled. It is also worth mentioning that the plots, characters, and settings usually used in K-dramas feel new and exciting to western audiences.

Here are some bullet points of factors that make K-Dramas addictive

1. Eye candy – This is no news that the stars of dramas are very attractive. The often princess-like makeover of female lead leaves one wishing for a glow up too.

2. Squeaky clean – The majority of K-Dramas are very clean compared to the American series. With minimal violence and love scenes that rarely progress past kissing and can be watched along with family.

3. Amazing Outfits- The fashion in dramas has a definite trend appeal to them. Many outfits are straight from the runway. Even the accessories are just as beautiful as the outfits. Drama stars dress in a way one would wish for.

4. Mouth-watering food – It’s hard to watch a drama and not crave ramen or soju. Nearly every episode features dishes like rolled-up eggs, soups, and fried chicken. It is almost an instinct to learn how to use chopsticks after seeing the leads use one.

5. Emotional connection- Korean dramas are created to make emotional connections with the viewers. Characters are developed in such a way that the audience relates to the characters and feels the same emotions. The cliffhanger endings of nearly every episode leave viewers impatiently waiting for the next episodes.


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