Recommendation: 5 psycho-thrillers for you to binge-watch this Sunday

As per my previous poll, most of your mood suggested to binge-watch psycho-thrillers. So, here I am recommending 5 psycho-thrillers that you can stream right now on different OTT platforms.


Sightless is a unique film about a violin player who loses her eyesight in a sudden attack, becoming a prisoner in her new reality. Will she ever be able to fight her darkness? Watch this film on Netflix.

The Sixth Sense

An 8 year-old-boy, Cole, can see dead people, and to seek help, he goes to Bruce Willis, a child psychologist who can talk to the dead. Mind-boggled enough? Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.


How scary it is if you find out that your shadow has been planning to murder you for years? Us has a similar storyline where the lead character Adelaide, and her family see a group of attackers who looks exactly like them. Watch it on Netflix.

Black Swan

Black Swan is a story about a dancer Nina, who wants to win the lead role in the new production. But she has to face her competitor Lily. The movie gives a twisted plot where Nina loses her sense of reality. Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar now.

Gone Girl

A happy-go-lucky couple Nick and Amy, are very content with their life. But, on their 5th anniversary, the wife goes missing, and the blame goes to the husband. Did he kill his wife? Is he the reason that his wife left him? Watch this twisted movie on Amazon Prime Video.