Red Dot: A Review of A Dark Tale of Revenge

Released this year, the Swedish Netflix film Red Dot is dark, grim and horrific. While it does not deal with the idea of the supernatural, it is terrifying and not a film you want to watch before you sleep. The morbid tale follows a once happy couple, Nadja and David as they attempt to rekindle their romance. Their plans are foiled by the sudden presence of a red laser and a man with a rifle. While the idea is interesting and execution is smooth, it feels unsettling and unnecessary. The ending too, makes it an unsatisfactory watch. Overall, it is an average film telling a common story of tragedy and revenge for crimes left hidden and forgotten. My recommendation is, skip it. You might enjoy it if you are a fan of grim films, but if you are not, let's leave it as, you are not missing out on anything.