Remembering best songs of 2NE1 on their much-awaited reunion day!!

Members of 2NE1 reunited to celebrate Minzy's b'day belatedly today. Sandara posted a series of images and a heartwarming message for the Maknae. Despite their disbandment in 2016, they've stayed together. Here are 3 evergreen 2NE1 songs to get y'all nostalgic

I am the best - This is one of the greates hype track I've ever heard. The girls nailed it! The fiery track is powerful and so damn catchy! Kudos to the girls for breaking the 'girl groups need to be cute' stereotype

Come Back Home - Simply a Killer song! It ain't a generic kpop song but a blend of contrasting music styles. The chartbuster also has an incredible MV

Missing you - This song is a sweet departure from the usual loud and bright elements of the band. The final chorus would make you stan the group if you aren't already!

Blackjacks, What's your favourite song?