Remembering Rishi Kapoor, Skahti Kapoor said he can write a book on his relationship with the late actor.

It has been a year since Rishi Kapoor left for his heavenly abode. Shakti Kapoor has worked with him in numbers of films. He shared some of his priceless memories with the late actor, and some heartwarming stories in an exclusive interview with ETimes.

Shakti Kapoor said, “Talking about him takes a lot of my energy, feelings, and emotions because the moments that we shared together all come back to me. I can actually write a book on his relationship with me. There are very few people in my life who stood by me and he was one of them. As we had our birthdays one day apart, he used to ask me why I was not celebrating mine. I used to tell him that I didn’t have the budget to throw a bash and call 100 people. So he used to celebrate his birthday one day in advance with me so that we could celebrate it together. He threw a bash for me at the RK Studios a few times. There used to be two cakes, one had his name and the other had mine. Those were the times when people of the industry used to notice me and say, ‘Haan Shakti Kapoor bhi koi chiz hai industry mein jiska birthday Rishi Kapoor mana raha hai! When our children were young, we went on some vacations together. I still have the pictures of our kids together somewhere".

He was truly a gem of a person.