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A reminder to weed out the KALA outgrown in your minds!

Kala is a majestically captured, intensely performed, brutally executed and a hard hitting tale of greed, arrogance, entitlement, egoism and narcissism. With each blow that gets landed on the antagonist, you feel the pain of your culpable traits with the climatic knock leading to a thought-provoking wound.



A reminder to weed out the Kala, outgrown in your minds (spoilers alert).


Kala starts off with one of the best opening credits that I have witnessed in recent times. It sets up the mood straight away. The first half brings out the unpleasant traits of Shaji in a subdued manner. His obsession with his looks and body, his arrogance of being privileged, his subtle control over his wife have all been portrayed effectively. What follows is a bloody brawl between Shaji and the protagonist. Even as his chest gets cut and leg twisted, Shaji’s ego and greed land him into further trouble. Subsequently, as the protagonist takes the fight into Shaji’s house, his deplorable masks are slowly pulled out, leaving him exposed in front of his family, even as his ego does not let him call for help. What irked me most is the fact that I felt for Shaji as the protagonist inflicted one blow after another on him. I hated myself for feeling that way. Is it because of the Kala that has outgrown in my mind? The visuals are sublime, blending in nicely with the mood of the flick. The edits especially are praiseworthy, like the transition between scenes to convey subtle messages. The background scores and the aptly chosen location too have played their roles in setting up a tense atmosphere. The action thriller is different, unblemished and hugely worth your time. The efforts gone into making the masterpiece is there for everyone to see, be it the intense performances or the hard hitting execution. One thing that could’ve been better was giving the characters a local (supposedly residents of a village in Northern Kerala) slang. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly turned out to be a rejuvenator for me. 


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