Reputation: A Lifetime To Build, Seconds To Destroy; Feeling Sorry For Shahrukh Khan

Days after his son's arrest in drugs case, Shahrukh Khan has been facing social media trials of the worst kinds, with trolls questioning his parenthood and even his own bad influences on his children.

While it is no secret that Shahrukh Khan has been a chain smoker for the longest time which he himself has admitted on several occasions but having said that he has never shied away from accepting that it is a bad habit which he desperately wants to give up and even apologised to fans for it.

But a section of people can't just look past it. If anything, Shahrukh Khan has been one of the biggest names in the history of Indian cinema whose contribution has not only uplifted the quality of cinema but also put the Indian cinema on the world map. Coming from a lower middle class family it took Shahrukh Khan decades of hard work and dedication to be at the place that he is right now; one of the most respected celebrities worldwide.

But apparently an alleged drug case on his son is enough to put his entire reputation, his entire work of decades in jeopardy? Doesn't make any sense at all! We can't judge this man's character on an "assumption".

Your comments on this?