In response to death threats, Salman Khan requests a firearm licence

Salman Khan is once again in the news for requesting a licence to own a handgun while receiving death threats. Salman Khan sought a legal path to defend himself and his family after getting death threats in the form of letters from Lawrence Bishnoi and his crew in connection with the blackbuck poaching case.


Salman Khan was at the centre of controversy after the murder of Sidhu Moosewala earlier this year because the actor allegedly received death threats. A particular mobster named Lawrence Bishnoi was charged; he had previously threatened the actor and his bodyguards after the blackbuck case.


Now that the actor and his father Salim Khan have once more received threats from the mobster and his men, his name has reappeared. According to recent rumours, the superstar went to the Mumbai Police headquarters to apply for a firearms licence in order to protect himself.


Salim Khan, Salman Khan's father, received a threatening letter while jogging close to their Bandra, Mumbai, home. Salim then applied for a gun licence. If these rumours are accurate, Salman Khan met with chief cop Vivek Phansalkar during the licence application procedure.


But I'm sure salman must be having sone weapons before also