A Review of 'To All The Boys: Always and Forever'

The final installment in the 'To All the Boys' trilogy is here and we are loving it! Taking us through Lara Jean and Peter's senior year of high-school, the finale shows a lot of the difficult decisions made in this phase. While Peter wants to go to Stanford, we see Lara Jean struggle to admit that maybe she wants something different. This decision becomes crucial to the plot and is brought up multiple times. We also see Lara and Peter's relationship evolve as they are on the cusp of making the biggest possible change in their lives making the film all that more meaningful. The film is sprinkled with references to Korea and K-pop stemming from Lara Jean's visit to Seoul and multiple songs being played throughout. This would be a bonus for fans of the genre. The film is as all teen romances are: simple, cute and heart warming. It will be a delightful watch for those who enjoy the warmth of romance and will be an eye opener for those who struggle to decide for themselves. While we are all sad to see this series end, we are also happy to know that Covey and Kavinsky got their realistic "always and forever".