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Oh if there is one cleanser ,this is this @dermavive_india This gentle cleanser is enriched with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Let's first know what is NATURAL COLLOIDAL OATMEAL It is made by grinding oat grains or avena sativa into fine powder. Than giving it a form of salve to be applied on skin as per preference. It is an emollient which is meant to soothe and soften the skin. It is antioxidant and anti inflammatory. This makes this cleanser good for sensitive skin people too and kids too. Meaning it can be used by anyone but the major thing is that there are very less cleansers meant for ECZEMA conditions and this is specifically designed keeping in mind all these skin conditions. Those who are allergetic can use this cleanser without any doubt. It means this cleanser can be used by all ages,in all weathers. Because you know the skin can irritate any time. It is gel like consistency in a tube form which makes is hygienic and travel friendly.This hydra cleanser is non stripping ,non irritant and non itching. It maintains the ph balance of the skin. It is free from lanolin too which is a skin sensitizer though there are again lot studies regarding lanolin. I would love to repurchase this all time as for all skin conditions this is the one. Which cleanser are you loving these days?


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