Review: Gong Yoo's new sci-fi drama "The Silent Sea" is a bold yet flawed venture

"The Silent Sea" starring a celebrated cast of Gong-yoo, Bae Doona and Lee Joon among others is a Netflix Sci-fi drama, viewers had high expectations from it after the huge success of "Squid Game" and marks the return of Gong Yoo after 2016 hit drama "Goblin." However, this sci-fi thriller didn't land well with the viewers. What went wrong with the drama? 

"The Silent Sea" is the first Korean Sci-fi drama that revolves around a team that has been assigned to send to the moon to retrieve a sample that could provide essential resources to the Earth which is suffering from water shortage. The premise is appealing and there is a lot to offer as science fiction provides a wide canvas of ideas. The visuals are simply impressive, it's these beautiful sceneries and exemplary special effects which made the drama effortless keep you glued to the screens till the end. Another aspect that is well portrayed in the drama is this metaphorical representation of the Earth that is running out of time through the characters.  

However, the drama has its own lows. The plot is lacking focus and turns out to be an incoherent mess at times due to various sub-plots. The story is trying to be so many things at once which diverts your attention from the main premise. It also becomes predictable as it doesn't have enough content to continue for eight long episodes. The lack of explanation and reasoning behind the actions of the characters leave loopholes in the story. Regardless of the drawbacks, it is still a great experiment that opens doors for this new genre in South Korea. 

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