Review : Lakme pomogranate sheet mask

*Packaging : Sheet mask comes in a easy to tear sachet with a bright coloured outer package. 

*Price :100 Rupees per sheet mask

*Available :Nykaa and amazon 

*Variants: Strawberry, kiwi, lemon, pomogranate, watermelon. 

*My experience : I really loved the fragrance of this sheet mask which is more sweet and fruity. That was the furst thing i liked the most and when i opened it, i can see a white fabric like sheet drenched in essence of pomogranate. I could feel a cooling effect from the sheet mask just by touching it. Then i spread the mask on my mask and adjusted it on my face. And applied it for 20 mins. I really had a  good relaxing and cooling effect. Removing it after 20 minutes and massaged the remaining essence into my face. My skin felt so refreshed and plump. Also my skin was smooth and soft. I could see a good bright effect on the face and overall the mask is great with good visible effects.