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@paulaschoice Earth Sourced Range I have been using Purely Natural Refreshing Toner and Antioxidant Enriched Natural Moisturizer from over 2 months now and still left with some. I must tell you I'm going through the best of the skincare days from around 2-3 months now . My skin feels rejuvenated, refreshed and without acne(aaammazing). ♧PURELY NATURAL REFRESHING TONER This is milky gel water consistency toner and 4-6 drops are enough for full face and neck. Its amazing hydrating like gives a boost of hydration instantly. I never skip it as I enjoy using this product. My skin rests ,calms after using this. It sinks into the skin immediately. The quantity of 118ml goes a long long way. This toner is enriched with chamomile and green tea extracts . The ingredient list on paula choice site and the product are in no particular order. ♧ANTIOXIDANT ENRICHED NATURAL MOISTURIZER I love that this range is earth sourced and in meaningfull terms it really replenishes the skin . The moisturizer is very light weight creamy consistency and you need a very little amount to go over. As I'm oily skin nowadays it's working like magic on me followed by sunscreen. This is enriched with cranberry and shea butter so it will be good even for normal to dry skin people also. Though it is mentioned this range is for all skin types ,I will say only very dry skin people need an extra step with this else it will go good with oily ,combination, normal to dry skin people. Available at amazon india Toner 118ml INR2220 Moisturizer 60 ml INR2700 If you have any questions regarding this range ,ask away in comments section... #paulachoice #paulachoiceskincare #paulachoiceindia #earthsourced #earthsourcedtoner #earthsourcedskincare #naturalskincare #bornoninstagram #beautybloggers


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