REVIEW: A R Rahman's 99 songs: A Beautiful Saga of Music and Love

AR Rahman’s precious baby ’99 Songs’ starring newcomers Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas is musical journey of pursuing passion and fighting for love. 99 Songs is written by the academy award winning music composer, A R Rahman and directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy. 


This is an inspiring love story of an aspiring musician Jay (Ehan Bhat) and a mute girl who belongs to a rich family, Sofia(Edilsy) which almost turned into a tragedy due to unfortunate circumstances. The two are completely and  madly in love and wants to get married. So, when Jay meets Sofia’s rich father and tells him that he wants to pursue his passion for music as he can change the world with it, he is asked to compose a 100 songs that change the world before he  even thinks of marrying Sofia. And then begins, Jay’s journey of proving his love for music and Sofia. The story sounds pretty cliche right? It is a little cliche but trust me, it has its fair share fo twists and turns. I’ll not spoil anything for you but let me tell you one thing, Jay ends up in a rehab without ever taking any drugs consciously and a blast from the past changes his life.


Ehan Bhat portrayal of his character is natural and honest. He looks like an aspiring musician madly and deeply in love with his craft and with his girl. Since Edilsy Vargas’s character was mute, she had to be expressive without talking. She was successful in showcasing her emotions as initially, she looked beautiful and innocent and after her transformation, she looked heartbroken.


Now, the most important aspect of the movie is the music and since the music is composed by the legendary composer A R Rahman, the expectations were extremely high but there was only one impactful song in the entire movie, other were just unmemorable. However, music and the power of music is portrayed beautifully on screen with the help of excellent direction, cinematography and vivid visuals. 


Overall, the movie needs more scenes between the two lead actors to highlight their chemistry which is extremely crucial for such an intense love story. It also needs better songs to make it the movie Rahman was aiming for. Available on Netflix, the movie is a one-time watch and will entertain you if you’re a sucker for love stories.