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Review of Sara'S, directed by Jude Anthany Joseph.

Sara's is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language romantic comedy film starring Sunny Wayne and Anna Ben, directed by Jude Anthany Joseph and written by Akshay Hareesh. 

The film follows Sara, an associate film director, who is struggling to complete her first movie. It shows how and why a young lady in a patriarchal society finds it difficult to live her life as she wants. You can find many Saras in our society 

The entire cast has done an excellent job, and Anna Ben, as always, has nailed her character. Sunny Wayne portrays a character who preaches about feminism but struggles to make it practical in real life because of his old school family. 

It features a lot of funny scenes, just like Jude Anthany's earlier flicks, and the majority of them are really good. The soundtrack and songs were enjoyable, but the cinematography, in my opinion, is the film's strongest technical feature, I liked it very much 

The first half is highly entertaining but as the story develops it's pacing becomes slower. Some dialogues felt overdramatic and also it affects the performance of the cast at some places. The direction is good, Jude Anthany's films never disappoint us imo .

Srindaa's character perfectly shows how the majority of women in our society are treated by their husbands, but I didn't think her role was vital to the development of the film's storyline. 

For a woman, Is giving birth to a child is the most important thing to do after marriage? Why do women in our society have to suffer more after marriage? The concept that the film explores is quite important in our society, so I believe that everyone should watch it at least once for the subject it discusses.


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