Review Of Tried And Tested Local Skincare Brand – Indrani Cosmetics #BeautyTruthBomb

I always look forward to trying local skincare brands and their offering. So, I have tried products from the brand – Indrani Cosmetics. This brand is based in Pune and has a very inspiring and interesting origin story.


Here are three products that I have tried from this brand:


Lavender Massage Oil

Among all the products which I have tried from this brand, this one is my favorite. I loved how moisturizing yet light it felt on my body. It comes in a plastic bottle that has a flip-flop cap. It has a lavender fragrance and does not overwhelm our senses which is very important in massage oil. The oil spreads easily and is very light. After applying, my body feels hydrated and very relaxed.  


AHA Cream

Initially, this cream confused me a little but I loved the AHA Cream from this brand. This cream is known to be a cleansing cream. I use it in my PM routine as a double cleanser. I apply it on my damp skin, then massage it, and then remove it with wet cotton. After this, the skin feels very refreshing and hydrated. I would recommend this to everyone who has dry skin.  


Lip Balm

Something that caught my eye attention was the tub of the Lip Balm. It comes in a packaged tub that contains 25 gms of lip balm and has a subtle fruity fragrance. It gives a very glossy look on the lips and spreads well. It does not need frequent re-application and is very lightweight in consistency.