Review: Why 'Thor: Love And Thunder' is a perfect recipe for disaster?

No character in the MCU has had a more effective transformation than Thor Odinson. From The Dark World's drab nadir to Ragnarok's cosmic romp, the God of Thunder found his groove when irreverent kiwi Taika Waititi unlocked Chris Hemsworth's criminally underutilised comic chops.

Their most recent pairing is more of an extension than a reinvention. But, by most measures, it's a better reunion - wilder, funnier, and far more heartfelt. If Marvel has spent much of Phase 4 coasting on a comfortably unexceptional level of quality, the joyous Love and Thunder is a return to the glory days of the Infinity Saga.

When we rejoin Thor four years after the events of Endgame, he has gone from "dad bod to god bod," as returning rock dude Korg (Waititi) explains in a delightful recap, and is still in league with his reluctant comrades the Guardians of the Galaxy (a treat during a brief but satisfying appearance). Effortlessly saving the day with JCVD-homaging splits and roundhouse kicks in the midst of a riotously ridiculous performance