Rhinestone Studded Nails Trend – Yay or Nay?

Nail art done with rhinestone studs add sparkle to any nail design. The glittering nail polish augments the look with a shimmer of its own. Rhinestones are available in multiple colours and sizes to suit the different lengths of nails.

The beauty about nail art is that you can play around with nail polish colours and pair them up with single or multiple stud designs to give your nails a glamorous look. Studs look unique and are a welcome sight from the more traditional forms of nail art. While using many studs on a nail design is undeniably eye-catching, keeping it simple with a single studded design has its own charm.

From shiny studs to dramatic rhinestones to pearly beads, people are using ‘em all to decorate their nails. I personally feel it is a bit OTT. This nail trend is not something that I can wear and maintain on an everyday basis. However, I wouldn’t mind trying it out for a wedding party.

What about you guys? Do you think it is something you can easily maintain and wear daily?