The Right way of 'PARENTING' in times of Covid-19 as explained by Dr. Ramani Ranjan

With great changes in the lifestyles of the families during Covid, we need to embrace the ‘new normal’. With schools shut and online learning in trends, parents are facing the constant pressure of juggling between different roles of friends, siblings, teachers along with their role of a parent, leading to less time to actually enjoying parenting. Here is a list of activities to enjoy parenting:

1. Take self-care breaks to keep yourself in a happy mindset and keep reminding yourself that you are doing your best.

2. Enjoy virtual meetings with your kids to help them understand the importance of Social Distancing.

3. Creative learning through games and fun activities like ‘treasure-hunt’ can ease your stress.

4. Make the environment light and appreciate the casual moments.

In a brief, take Care of yourself, as you would take care of your child!