The Rise of Survival Shows: A Good Thing or Not?

Being a Kpop trainee as mentioned in the post before this is not simple. Sometimes, you strike gold and make it big, and other times you are not that lucky and don't make it big. In an industry which is so unpredictable, broadcasting companies like Mnet create what we know as 'survival programs' or 'survival shows'. These shows track multiple trainees as they train to debut in a temporary group who will be managed by the company in order to gain some name for themselves or their group. This process may sound like fun, but there have been several allegations of unfair editing, and companies paying to skew the vote system. In fact, trainees who are ranked low, mention that since they will be eliminated anyways, they are often not given proper accommodation or food. So, the question is, are these shows good for trainees as they present an opportunity for exposure like in the case of NU'EST or AB6IX, or are they harmful and may drive trainees away from the industry?