Rishi Kapoor, our Sharma Ji- Namkeen!

When Rishi Kapoor entered the scene, the only thing I wanted was to see him in every scene of Sharmaji Namkeen. Throughout the films, he acted in, from 'Mera Naam Joker to 'Sharmaji Namkeen', his lovable and cute smile remained constant.

Though Paresh Rawal was excellent as Sharmaji, I, as a fan, wanted to see Rishi Kapoor in each and every scene. The last scene of Rishi Sir was when he gets a call from the police station that his son is in police custody. He delivers the dialogue, "Arey Main Mar Gaya". Though it had no literal significance during the shoot of the film, after the film, this line hits differently. We say these phrases too normally in our life but it hits differently when we hear it from a person, who we know, has left his body and this world forever.