A riveting espionage thriller that justifies the hype created by the First Season.

The Family Man Season one created quite a huge wave due to its realistic and rooted portrayal. Season 2 too follows the same route of the first installment and ends up as a riveting thriller. 

The story takes off right from where season one left. We are introduced to Srikant Tiwari who left TASC and now a corporate employee who struggles hard to find a balance between work life and family life. An unprecedented incident forces him to join back TASC and what happens next is a rollercoaster ride of thrills, emotions, revenge etc. Unlike the first season the treatment is quite darker and twisted here. Writer duo Raj and DK seems to be more matured as a writer and it's quite evident in the narrative itself. The initial proceedings may be bit unsettling due to its over detailing but the show gets back on track after the initial bumps and never turns back. Since the plot revolves around Chennai the show features lots of Tamil dialogue and it's worth mentioning the effort taken by the team in depicting Chennai in its real form. 

Manoj Bajpai once again proves why he's the best in the field. He excels as the intelligent yet vulnerable, confused Srikanth. But it's Samantha Akkineni who grabs all the attention. She is bold, violent and makes an impressive digital debut. She transforms into a lethal killer astonishingly and is fabulous in few jaw dropping action sequences. Sharib Hashmi, the constant companion to Srikant is witty and provides the required comic relief.

There are several subplots in the story which could've distracted the core story. But Raj and DK cleverly merges it with the main plot and doesn't leaves a situation to question. The sumptuous set works in the introductory sequence and the exceptional single shot fight scene in the end are a huge boost for the show. Despite few inconsistencies, The Family Man 2 is a captivating experience that lives up to its hype.