ROCK ON: A rare gem of Bollywood, an amazing story with a brilliant execution!!

This was the best film with its central theme as music. I loved how Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhtar performed. The songs were original and touched sentiments. There must be some reason why this movie bagged multiple awards. Rock On is the only movie in Bollywood which might have met the Hollywood level of execution when it came to a film that involved rock music.

It did not have crappy music or bad direction. It was a total emotional ride. For some, it might be the best movie they have seen. It takes back to those young days when friends bond over the music when music is life and passion.

This movie is based on four friends that reunited to relive their lives and past moments. They had a great time singing along with their moments of glory as of the Rock band. Rock On!!

Watching the band of four was magic on the screen and to our ears.