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Roll that stress away! Try Nykaa's beauty face marble Jade roller

I wanted to try a Jade roller for a really long time. So, when I saw this listed at Nykaa, also by Nykaa, I couldn't stop myself. It's not been very long since I have been using it but it's actually quite fun to use. I just put in freezer for 5 mins before using it and then the chilled roller gives a soothing effect on my face. This helps to increase blood circulation in face and also useful for lymphatic nodes drainage which in turn will boost the glow in skin. Totally in love with this roller. De-stress and soothe your skin with Nykaa's Facial Rollers. A tried and tested ritual, face rolling dates back to ancient times where it was used to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Staying true to tradition, Nykaa’s facial rollers are designed to tone and lift your face. Want to make the most of this self-care ritual? Glide your facial rollers over a Nykaa Naturals sheet mask to enhance the goodness of the mask. So sit back, relax and roll.


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