Rubina and Abhinav Pe Vaar..!

Weekend ka vaar no longer exists for other contestants and should be rightfully changed to “Rubina and Abhinav pe Vaar” or “Let’s Criticise Rubina and Abhinav Show” or “How Dare the breathe Show''..! Throughout Saturday’s episode, Salman Khan has not pointed a finger at anyone in the house excluding his beloved Abhinav and Rubina. Is the couple drastically going wrong or are the makers simply using them for viewership? Every single week he comes and criticises Rubina and Abhinav. The only time the two weren't criticised was when Salman Khan did not host the previous weekend. But this week he was clearly a big fat liar!! He made Rakhi look like Abhinav’s saviour and as if Rakhi Sawant is his claim to fame! This is the worst kind of entertainment and the host is lying to the contestants! How desperate can the makers get?? Would Salman Khan bear with Rakhi Sawant's attitude?? Would he let Rakhi Sawant touch his shorts?!