Sage apothecarry mask review

Price- Rs233 for 30 grams

Available in - Smytten

This product I got via Smytten via free trial points. This one is basically a clay mask. It also contains charcoal and tea tree. It has certain beads kind which offer exfoliation. I personally rub them off first as I am not a fan of physical exfoliation at all. I have been using this mask for months now. I generally use this once a week or sometimes once in 2 weeks if I am busy. After cleansing face, I apply this and leave this on for 15 mins and then wash off. I instantly notice a fresh glow on my face as soon as I wash this off. Pores feel more fresh and cleaner and that's what a good clay mask does. I noticed that the next 2 days after I use this mask the pores size and oily feeling on face did reduce. It's a good product to try if you have oily acne prone skin. I still have got a lot of product to complete in this and maybe after long time use it will show long lasting effects on pores.